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What if a squirrel got inside my house or bedroom

For a squirrel to get into your house, perhaps, you left the door open or have holes in your home? Well, it happens and would also not be a surprise if you find a squirrel hiding or sleeping inside your house for the evening. Chances are, it would not even make a sound or destroy anything.

When this happens, what will you do aside from panicking as soon as you discover it? Can you lure it out the way you would with your pets? I doubt it, but you may be lucky at night for it is the time when squirrels call it a day and find cozy places to sleep. So, if you see the squirrel dreaming the night away inside a plastic kitchen pan, then count your blessings!

After all, you can simply put on hand gloves and gingerly take out the pan with the slumbering squirrel. Otherwise, you might want to call your animal control specialist for some tips and assistance. Or, you may want to try following these steps:

1. Don’t panic.
Animal’s don’t want being inside your home just like you. So, if you dart at the squirrel with a sweeper or a stick, you will scare it further and it might even try to bite you, if not run all over your home.

2. Don’t hold it with your bare hands.
No matter if it is a newborn squirrel, looks innocent or cute, just do not touch it.

3. Enclose the squirrel in a localized area, if possible.
Staying calm the best way you can and making no sound at all, close all doors to contain the squirrel in one room.

4. Open outside windows, doors and all other openings.
If the room has a door or window leading to the outside, open them all, while praying the squirrel will just leave your home on its own.

5. Secure your four-legged friends away from the squirrel.
You may probably put your pets, for the meantime, inside their respective cages to prevent being harmed by the squirrel upon confrontation.

6. Maintain the least noise inside your home.
When the home is not noisy, the squirrel will be more prone to leave.

7. Be persevering.
Allocate 24 hours for the squirrel to vacate your home.

To prevent this from happening again, do so lifestyle check. Sometimes, it is our little and seemingly insignificant habits that welcomes unwanted guests into our homes. Also, using some preventive measures may likewise help.

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